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Help Topic: What is RoommateRoommateRoommate.com NOT?

It's not an extremely structured experience. It's a "free for all" way to find a roommate.

It's a "free for all" way to find a roommate. "Free for all" as in free, no charge. Also, free for all as in, that's what it is.

You can place roommate adverts, find rooms for rent, all for free, but your roommate advert will only be as good as YOU make it.

We have several advice sections we recommend browsing for best results.

To successfully find a roommate here will require a bit of thought, a bit of actual typing, and some ability to read and follow instructions.

For those looking for a more directed roommate search experience with an in-depth questionnaire covering all manner of relevant questions to ask when looking for a roommate, we can also recommend:

RoomieMatch Roommates - Find a roommate without SCAMS, SPAMS, or SCUMS - we take out the trash for you. Exclusively human-moderated roommate service. Free roommate search and cheap roommate search options, detailed roommate matching profiles. US and Canada.