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Help Topic: Other than the validation email, what else will you email me after registration?

We will NOT send you anything other than the validation email required for registration except what YOU choose. The folks at roommateroommateroommate.com will never via our own initiative send you any email other than that required for registration, ever.

OK, just to make sure that's crystal clear, let's review that just one more time.

WE here at RoommateRoommateRoommate.com will not CHOOSE to send you any email whatsoever.

Nor will we ever sell or share your email address or any other contact info with anyone else. No one. Else. Ever. We promise.

But YOU have options about how/how not to get email from our system automatically and/or personally from anyone else browsing it.

First, if you post an advert, folks that read it and are interested may message you personally about your availability as a roommate and/or your room available (but that would be the point, right??). You will be sent a notification via email when another member messages you. That means you can come pick up your message.

In addition to that, you can elect to have the system send you email when there's a new roommate advert posted in a metro that interests you, to tell you when to go look. (Or, you can just drop by and look on your own whenever it strikes your fancy, the notification option is just a convenience for those that would like that.) If you want to be notified, you'd either click on the red "subscribe" button at the top, AND/OR use the RSS feed via the orange button at the bottom left for that.

Whether or not you choose to get any automatic notifications after new adverts are added is UP TO YOU.

If you don't specifically request a subscription, you won't have one. In addition, you can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe button at the top of the metro area category whenever you like.