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Help Topic: What are the absolute posting guidelines to avoid deletion of my advert?

From the advert adding form:

"Please enter helpful stuff so others may decide if they might like YOU as a roommate.
Helpful stuff = others will care enough to contact you, or respond when you contact them
NO helpful stuff = your advert will be deleted

NO you can't just say, "Contact me for more details." You have to include some helpful details here TOO, or your advert won't survive our idiot check.

To keep those dirty rotten spammers hosed off, URLs will be deleted. Please dazzle others with some actual words actually here.

While we ain't yer momma, you should know that excessive profanity will never be clever in a roommate advert.

This is not for dating or sex. It's for roommates. Anyone too dense to grasp that essential difference will be deleted, unceremoniously. (That means we won't email you to tell you that you're too much of a dumbass to stay listed. Go perv someplace else, numnuts.)

Also, if you sound otherwise insincere, ill-intentioned, or just WAY too insane? NO to that noise too."

This should really go without saying, but sometimes it doesn't, so here it is.

Adverts need to be about FINDING ROOMMATES.

Also, to reiterate the above, in addition to any other advert that's not on topic, we will DELETE any adverts that seem primarily sexual or romantic in nature. We are NOT a dating service, please don't be a total asshat and try to use us as one anyway.

By our definition, "roommate" does not equal sexual/romantic partner, long or short-term or anything else. We don't mean "roommate" in a cheap or cheesy X-rated movie way, we mean it in the more business-oriented financial arrangement way.

Despite whatever open-mindedness you may feel as to how your roommate relationship(s) may ultimately turn out, if you're primarily thinking of roommate as a euphemism for something you're hoping will be more than "just friends" at the outset, hoping for a live in/sexual/romantic/whatever-along-those-lines, that's going to be completely uncool.

Please don't post some thinly disguised request for sexual contact as a "roommate" situation, that's going to be completely asinine too.

There are a kawillion other sites out there that actually ARE specifically designed for sex/romance/hookups, please go patronize one of those instead.

If we see an ad that isn't mostly about finding a roommate or is inappropriately sexual in nature in addition to that, we will delete it.

We won't ask you about it, we won't request additional clarification, we won't give you notice, we will just delete it.

If you persist in posting inappropriately, we will ban your IP and report you to your service provider. Please don't waste your time and ours with that tacky nonsense.