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Help Topic: What about profanity?

From the advert adding form:

"While we ain't yer momma, you should know that excessive profanity will never be clever in a roommate advert."

We don't really recommend it. It makes a bad first impression on some people, and if you make a bad first impression , your response rate and ultimate ability to find roommates in a timely fashion will probably suffer accordingly.

We do think profanity has its limited place in life, usually in expressing oneself in extreme situations or sexual situations. However, if you think your roommate ad should constitute one of those, you are probably not following our guidelines and your advert will almost certainly be deleted.

We won't delete for small amounts of profanity, but if your ad is just chock full of four letter words to the point of sounding so ridiculous we think it's a waste of time for other readers, we'll probably delete it.