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    • responsibleman

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      Good credit, NS, ND, Quiet, ideal roommate. long term preferred but will consider others.  Private room, consider sublets, apts, any safe housing.  near bus/transport, supermarkets. Educated older man, professional background. 

      I do not put my photos online u willl have to wait for that. No phone calls yet, message with details.

    • Dawn In Raleigh

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      My name is Dawn. I’m looking for an apartment or home share. My maximum rent is $900 a month. I can also help with utilities. I’m a mature, professional female in search of a share in the northeast Raleigh/Wake Forest area. I clean up after myself and I pay my rent on time. I work at the headquarters of an international company located off of Burlington Mills Road in Wake Forest. I love living in northeast Raleigh and want to remain close to family and my work. I have a senior, very well-behaved kitty named Callie. I also have a car so I can help run errands if need be. 

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post.



    • I have a room available for rent in the mesquite area .Close access to several major highways. 635, 80 and 20.. Not to far from the downtown Dallas/ Lower Greenville area also. 

    • Hello are you still looking for a place?

    • Private bed and bathroom for rent in very nice quiet neighborhood. Room and home is fully furnished with WiFi set up if you work from home like myself. I am a professional M look for other professionals to rent the space. 



    • Older married male business professional looking for a room in the area between Ann Arbor and Howell, MI 


      Will only be there a few days a week but willing to pay half the rent for the right situation 


      Quiet professional non smoker doesn't drink at home and will have no visitors 

    • Redeemed-byChrist

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      I have lived in Houston for 8 years, and am looking for a roommate. I live on the SW side, near Stafford and Missouri City. I would like to stay on  this side of town, but am willing to go as far out as Bellaire and Meyerland. 


      I'm a 34-year-old single Christian woman, and I am looking for a single Christian woman for a roommate. I don't have a boyfriend/husband, kids, or pets (though I DO love cats). It's just me. I work as an ESL teacher for a company who partners with universities around the country. I primarily work remotely, but my job is all online - I don't need to make or take phone calls, and my schedule is really flexible. I sometimes like to work from a library or a cafe, as well. I also have a second job, working in my church's nursery. This doesn't take up too much time, but is a nice way to earn extra income, doing something I love. 


      I am "normal" clean - I know how to keep things clean, but I don't want to live in a museum. I am friendly and upbeat, but mostly keep to myself at home. I work, watch YouTube, read/write, knit, and sketch. I don't have noisy or "busy" hobbies and I don't bring people over often, at all. I'm opposed to a roommate who frequently has people in and out, and often has overnight guests. This isn't something I do, and something I prefer my roommate doesn't do, either. I also don't have a car, because I am trying to cut costs wherever possible, I primarily take the bus, and occasionally have a friend from church pick me up/drop me off. But I don't have a car of my own and, thus, won't take up space in the garage/drive way. I'm pretty low key, and just like to keep my home life as hassle-free as possible.


      I am happy to answer any additional questions you may have, and look forward to speaking with you soon! Thanks!

    • Cray & Nici

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      The complex is located in The Woodlands. The unit was moved into on Feb 22nd and its on a 12 month lease. It’s 2/2, 1259sq ft, Spacious bedrooms, dining room and living room areas with balcony and in unit washer/dryer and a security system. The complex is located near shops with lots of green. There’s a community gym, pool table, off street parking. Bills are included in the rent (760, (350 deposit). Half of deposit given back if all is as you left it with no damage. Deposit is kept if you decide to leave before the agreed upon term)). Internet is provided 900mbps down (we do NOT operate on or allow 5G into the home so if your phone, tablet, ect is on the 5G network we will not accept you.) and unlimited data. If interested, you will have to submit to a criminal background check which includes all of your social media accounts and must be public, verify who you are with your ID or license, your income and sign a roommates agreement (minimum of 3 months stay with deposit (half given back if you stay the 3 months and leave everything in the condition you received it)). We take this approach just in case it doesn’t work out as planned and we all can break free peacefully. If that goes well you can decided to extend it, sign the leasing agreement with the complex or leave.



      So in looking for a roommate, obviously we would like for them to be compatible with us. A roommate we would like is for someone who meshes with our lifestyle. We don’t mind guest(s) or even an overnight guest from time to time just don’t want it to be too often. Someone who doesn’t throw large or loud parties. Small gathering of friends we don’t mind. No one who gets drunk or does drugs of any kind. Someone who isn’t violent and disrespectful. Pretty much it for us. Just someone who pays on time and if you have any issues we can talk about it and see what can be done. We do prefer heterosexual candidates.


      Hopefully during all the craziness you are still keeping your head up. We would like to find a roommate who is in need for a place to stay and a lighter rent load. Sorry for the long read in advance lol.


      We are a couple that into our current complex in The Woodlands on Feb 22nd on a 1 yr lease.


      Husband: mid 30s hetero M who works from home and have other small businesses. Musician and gamer, starting a podcast channel. Child of the Most High Yahuah who is new and renewing my faith and going out to witness recently with my wife. So if any be a part of the body of Christ who have been wanting to go out to witness but haven’t and want others go out to witness with we are more than happy to welcome more to do the Lord’s will. No kids so don’t have to worry about drama or kids around. Doesn’t smoke, do NOT do drugs or drink. Do not party. Quiet. Clean. Very laid back, mindful of my business only. Considerate, helpful and I’m making it a point to transition back into an Alkaline lifestyle after falling off the wagon for a while. If you don’t know what this means it’s a lifestyle recommended by the late Dr. Sebi that advocates clean eating and herbs for the nurturing and healing of the body. No meat and no GMO foods. In regards to being a relaxed person, I am not a mask nor a vaccine advocate. very peaceful in regards to conflict. We are adults right? I’m not into negativity and hopefully you are the same way.


      Wife: 20s, Mixed Latina/Indigenous, plays games a very little bit, A Child of the Most High, very friendly, considerate, helpful, kind and super sweet. She’s cool and always willing to help. Likes to cook.

      We would prefer no couples. If you are looking to save and look for a new place, give us a contact and we can see if we can work things out. We ask that you do not waste our time as we have gotten a few that has not been serious. thanks for your time.


















    • KatrinaSander

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      Hello! I will be attending UMD for Teaching Mathematics Fall of 2022. Im looking for some lowkey roommates for my dog and I, Sosuke. When I’m not doing schoolwork, I usually like to go for walks, game, or do puzzles. Sosuke usually does whatever I’m doing but his favorite hobbies include napping and ripping up tennis balls. Aside from the tennis balls, we are very neat. I will always make sure that I clean up and messes we make and help keep the common areas clean. We are a very chill pair and will always do our best to make sure we are not disrupting the quiet in the house. Please let me know if you have any questions! Move-in date would be anywhere between now and July 1st 2022





    • Serious

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      I am renting my second bedroom with own bathroom in a townhome. May have some furnishings in bedroom. Facility offers washer and dryer use. Pool on property. Need Three Refrences. Proof of Employment. $600 Rent and Deposit up front; $200 for Deposit- possibly can work with deposit. Prefer Male. Prefer someone working outside of home. Prefer no over night guests. I have one cat. Not wanting any other pets here.


      I am in my 40’s and a straight woman, clean, neat, respectful of others; I’m asking the same of someone like minded, to share my home. I like a calming environment.

    • Tevone Hall

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      I work 5-6 days a week and I am pretty busy outside of my work schedule. A roommate who stays to themselves and is chill would be ideal. I am looking for someone who is cool to live with not a new bestfriend!! I keep a clean space and I do have a dog that I would prefer not to leave behind. 420 friendly but not a requirement. I can get a discount on carpet cleanings, hardwood floor cleanings, tile floor cleanings, and furniture cleanings!

    • Hello! My name is Breanna and I am looking for a male or female roommate as rent is extremely expensive these days! I am looking for a condo, townhome, or single family home. My max rent would be 1,000/mo per person. I cant have any pets or smoking as I am allergic to both. I would prefer someone who did not have any kids. I am very fun and outgoing but do enjoy my privacy at home some nights. I am extremely clean and tidy and would prefer someone to be similar. I recently resigned as a manager from Amazon but I am looking to obtain another job in Orlando and would also like a working professional to live with as well. We dont have to be best friends but hanging out sometimes would be great! 

    • This site didn't have a site for this city

      BARRIE only

      NON SMOKER, NO DRUGS, NO TO LITTLE DRINKER, Mature senior with mature cat

      Clean, good hygiene, QUIET, no parties, no kids, no company or over night guests

      I have an extra bedroom in my apartment in NE end in BARRIE

      Close to shopping plaza, gas station, Tim Hortons, Johnson beach, trail and bus stops.

      5-10 minutes to hospital and Georgian college and highway.


      Mature NON SMOKER, clean, quiet, no drugs, no to little drinker, help with chores, respectful, communicates, honest

      male or female room mate.

      This apartment is mine and in my name. We need to feel safe and trust each other and get along with my cat.


      I'm in a smoking building. I hate it. The place stinks some times. The smoking people are evil bullies. I've had many issues with them

      Who ever moves in, I prefer you not talk to them. They are trouble makers. I prefer you not be friends with them or do not them into my

      apt unit. Stay away from them.


      Asking $650 plus you have to buy your own food, toiletries and parking. I don't know how much it is cause I'm on the bus.

      For more info message me and tell me about your self.


    • I need a room or space of any kind to rent near North Main Street Newcastle Oklahoma. Location is important so I can walk to work. I am renting a room at the Hotel but my friend moved out and I will be homeless. I have until Friday at 11 am to come up with something. If it is only a tent in someone's field. Not feeling to proud right so please if you can help.

    • Hi! I’m currently living in a 2nd floor 2bed 2bath condo in the riverwalk area of Chesapeake. My room is upstairs with a private bath & balcony, and your room would be downstairs with a separate full bath that I may use occasionally/ would be the guest bathroom. Spacious living area, everything furnished minus your bedroom. I do work from home, and I do have a dog (minimal shedding but she does get on the couch) I enjoy having the place to myself but wouldn’t mind having the right roommate, to ease up on living expenses. Let’s chat and see if it’s a good fit. My lease is up May 31 and I’m looking to sign for another year. $650 per month. Washer/dryer/ dishwasher included. Fireplace. Deck/balcony and 2 entrances. Community pool, tennis courts, walking paths, playground. 






    • I’m a single mother with a very well mannered 13 year old boy. I’m a hard worker and he is an excellent student. We also have a very small ,well behaved ,potty trained dog. I’m looking for the right situation. We are generally quiet and busy most of the time. We keep our space clean and respect others privacy. 



    • Kota Nature

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      Hey my name is Kota Nature I'm a trans pansexual make I'm a young marketing agency owner , and lifestyle coach I'm friendly outgoing,laid back a book worm and fitness enthusiast I have two small hamster and mouse babies I adore who sleep mostly and really don't talk much at all.I'm looking for a friendly, accepting respectful roommate any gender or orientation is fine between the ages of 18-30  that doesn't mind me having my babies in my roomie their cages 

    • I am looking for a female roommate that is clean & chill. Little bit about me… I am a senior at UTSA major Public Health. I have a 2bed 2 bath apartment right next to St. Mary’s university. I have a puppy that is my lil baby 🐶 but he is with me all the time& won’t ever be in your space. I am a very big on boundaries & respect so I would expect that in return. Most of my time is dedicated to work & school. I do enjoy a quiet & peaceful environment but I do go out & have fun from time to time. My priority is growing & glowing 😇 I have 6 months left on my lease. Rent will be $650 (includes water). Message

      me if you are interested. We will meet via zoom to see if we are compatible roommates 🙂🙃 

      Ps I just posted those pictures just so u can get an idea of the place & also for privacy reasons. You will get a virtual tour when we meet on zoom 😊 

      About the apartment:
      * Gated Community with Controlled Access
      * Free parking 
      * 923 Sq.Ft apartment 2Bed2Bath 
      * Covered Patio/Balcony
      * Fully-Equipped Kitchen and Open Floor plan
      * You will have your own bathroom 
      * Shared living space 
      * The apartment is furnished EXCEPT the room u will be staying in 

      Additional perks: 
      * Beautiful Swimming Pool
      * Gym access 24hr
      * business center
      * Lounge/Community Room
      * Activity room
      * outdoor playground & so much more!

    • Recently renovated Northwood Park Master bedroom available MAR 1ST for $1425/month INCLUDING all utilities. I am a 60 yo Male conservative operations manager, working Mon-Fri. I am seeking a similar roommate. This complex is very clean and pretty quiet. Only 3 rules: 1) always pay bills on-time, 2) keep the common areas clean after use, and 3) keep it relatively quiet late at night.


      2 pools/spas, 2 gyms and adequate on-site laundries. I am fit and enjoy work-outs, body surfing, BBQing and riding my electric bike.

      entrance 2.jpg

      entrance 1.jpg

      living 1.jpg

      living 2.jpg


      Kitchen 1.jpg

      kitchen 2.jpg

      Bed 1.jpg

      bed 2.jpg


    • I am moving from Pennsylvania to New York for schooling for about 2 years. I am 18 years old and would like someone else that is going to college. I am open to moving anywhere outside of the city or just outside the state to cut down on costs, and would like to make new friends that regularly check up on one another, because of the potentially dangerous commute.I am LGBTQ+, and I would consider it an extra bonus if my roomate(s) were also part of the community.

    • kellyko109

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      Nice size room with closet. Private bathroom (for the most part). Pool table. Front porch, lanai, grilling area, fire pit area, large yard and private parking. Rent is $700 plus food & extras (1 month move in deposit). Must be a Patriot who voted for Trump; can not have the vaccine for COVID as I am NOT a participant in the corruption, sorry and no excessive drinking. Must have a job, be able to help around the house and pass a criminal record. I do have 3 cats. Room comes UNFURNISHED but would consider having it furnaced for the right roommate. It is for ONE person only. NO COUPLES!






    • rxckestrxck

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      Hello! My name is London, I'm an 18 year old girl moving from Mississippi to New York City to pursue my dream of musical theatre. To start out, I am looking for a preferably female or non-binary roommate, but men are okay as well as long as they are (around?) my age if we connect! I would like to pay no more than $1,000 a month, and I'd like to have a bedroom to myself. Shared bathroom and kitchen and living room is totally fine. I am not bringing any pets along but I get along GREAT with cats and dogs are just as cute, too! I do not want to room with anyone who smokes cigarettes unless they do so outside only. E-cigarettes and vapes and whatever else I may not be allowed to mention here is fine. I don't like to have lots of company over all the time unless they are quiet and don't bother me, I tend to be a little shy around new people. BUT I am super super kind and approachable, at least I like to think so, but that counts for something, surely! I want to move in around March, and I won't be bringing too terribly much with me at all, and I'll spend my first month looking for a full time job so I may not even be around the house that much. I obviously buy my own groceries so I know what it's like to have someone eat my food, I won't eat yours and I can promise that! I cook for myself and I clean up after myself immediately no matter what, in the kitchen, bathroom, common areas, etc. A little about me is I love to write, I love to sing and act, cosplay and go to conventions, play video games (Yakuza and Dragon Age at the moment!) and watch gamers on YouTube. I love fashion as well and I'm typically always dressed from head to toe in all pink including a tiara most of the time, I have very little shame in my outfits. I get along great with mostly everyone as long as they are kind. I need to stay with someone LGBT friendly or even better, LGBT themselves! I would love to have a roommate that would like to be friends, but can also respect personal space and personal time alone. Thank you so much for reading and feel free to reach out to me if I sound like a nice roommate! My email is londonschertzer@gmail.com and I check it daily. Bye for now! (P.S. I'm fully vaccinated with a booster!)

      kyr11w (1).jpg



    • 2 rooms for rent in Medford MA. Large size room, in apartment. 600 sqft. and 750 sqft Family house in nice neighborhood.  $1100.00 $900.00 All Utilities includes, Includes Gas, Heat hotwater Electric. Great deal for the city.

    • I am a retired 72 year old male. I consider myself of average intelligence with a sound mind and am often told what a nice person I am. I have a large bedroom with ample closet space and a full bath to rent in Kings Mountain, N.C. The rent is $700.00 monthly and is to be paid each month on the first day of the month. The kitchen, dining room and great room is to be shared with myself. Schedules can easily be worked out. Cable or dish are to be discussed as far as payment goes. There is plenty of room to park, and if storage space is needed I can provide a reasonable amount. This is a very nice home and in a very secluded area. Across the street from the highest peak in the area. Plenty of hiking to access and near the State park visitor's center.


    • Hello, 

      I'm a student at sac state. I'm busy, I'm clean, and I'm work. I'm a bartender in midtown, I'm responsible, and will keep my head down. I'm there to sleep, and eat. 

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