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For maximum social success, your roommate advert should convey not only the bare bones specifics, but also your general literacy, mental capacity, and overall desirability.


Helpful stuff like that helps others decide if they might like YOU as a roommate.


Helpful stuff = others will care enough to contact you, or respond when you contact them.


NO helpful stuff = your advert will be deleted.


NO you can't just say, "Contact me for more details." You have to include some helpful details here TOO, or your advert won't survive our idiot check.


If your advert is not, at the barest of minimums, at least a few sentences long? Insufficiently helpful for others. (Extreme laziness is also unappealing as well as unhelpful, just FYI.)


To keep those dirty rotten spammers hosed off, URLs will be rejected. Please actually share some actual words actually here.


While we ain't yer momma, you should know that excessive profanity will never be clever in a roommate advert.


This is not for dating or sex. It's for roommates. Anyone too idiotic to grasp that essential difference will be deleted, unceremoniously. (That means we won't email you to tell you that you're too much of a dumbass to stay listed. Go perv someplace else, numnuts.)


Also, if you sound otherwise insincere, ill-intentioned, or just WAY too insane? NO to that noise too.


After your advert passes human review, you will be able to use our messaging system to contact potential roommates. It's clever to use that first then when and if you decide you like someone, then provide additional contact info directly to that person. It's not wise to put it directly in your advert; it's wisest to choose who you'd like to have additional contact info.


(And yes, the messaging system is 100% free too. No charge whatsoever to use it, no need to try to "sneak anything in" to avoid charges, because there aren't any anyway.)


Our human-moderation also means you can't edit after submission. Since this site is completely free and human-moderated and we always have some dirty rotten spammers to hose off, we can't keep moderating the same adverts over and over again.


So whatever you need to say? Say it before you hit the post advert button.





ROOM OFFERED: It would be clever to include some specifics regarding the neighborhood, the residence (amenities?), and a description of the room offered. Also, something helpful about what sort(s) live there now.


EVERYONE: Your advert will interest others if you include stuff about your personality, how you spend most days, what you do for a living, hobbies, how your last roommate(s) would describe living with you, anything particularly vital to you in roommate(s), what might make you FLEE a housing situation or kick someone out, etc.


PHOTOS attached to your advert are also helpful, of yourself, other cohabiting roommates and/or pets, and/or the place offered. It would be clever to attach them to your advert when posting it, then they will appear when it's viewed. But do keep it classy.


(What's classy? We think you already know who you are and what we mean. If you even imagine you might need to ask if thus-and-such is an appropriate photo for this site, just assume it isn't and pick something more tasteful. Tasteless photos will NOT lead to advert approval. (That means no one else will ever see them.))


PHOTO for your profile: After your advert is approved, there will be a link in the top right menu for your own profile. If you didn't already do so when registering, or if you'd like to change yours, that link is where you do that.


You can make your advert(s) more friendly and more clickable if you upload a photo for your profile, because that would appear not only in your profile (when someone clicks it to message you) but also next to your advert(s).


Again, have to wait until your advert is approved, because before then, you won't have access to any of the profiles. A headshot (of the person looking for a roommate) is really the only thing that makes sense as a profile photo. Nothing other than photos of roommate seekers and/or residences offered are relevant here, and nothing much other than a headshot would actually fit within the smaller space inside the profile. Anything else would probably end up looking like a muddy blob.


But we won't kick you to the curb for uploading other things as profile photos unless we find your choice excessively tasteless (see above).






AFTER YOUR ADVERT IS APPROVED . . . you will be sent a confirmation via email. If you don't get that in the near future, check your "spam" folder then mark that email NOT spam (or the mistake will likely happen again).


If you never get an email confirming the approval of your advert, then very likely, it wasn't.


Rejected adverts get deleted, so if you can no longer see your highlighted/not yet approved advert, it was deleted. No, we're not going to email rejects telling them why their adverts were rejected, because reading and following the guidelines should not be difficult for anyone that is not an idiot, and we have no time for idiots.


Rejects can try again, but if you already failed these Guidelines the first time around, we'd strongly recommend reading them much more carefully before trying again. Repeated or severe idiocy will lead to the deletion of your registration too.





REPLYING TO OTHERS: You can reply to other adverts by hitting reply after the advert and adding something publicly after their post as a question, and/or privately messaging the advert's author. You privately message someone by clicking their username to view their profile, then clicking "Message."


If it's a question that might interest anyone other than yourself, like "How much is the rent?" (if they didn't already include that, obviously), you may want to hit reply to their advert in the forum to ask, because that conversation could be useful for others too.


If it's a conversation that's not for everyone else, like, "I'm interested in your room, can we meet for coffee?" it'd be much more clever to send the person a private message instead.


Again, as per the above, hitting reply to an advert in the forum and including your contact info that way is not recommended. Privately messaging inside the forum first is recommended, then move to another form of communication only when you feel more comfortable with someone.


(Again, since everything is free anyway, it's much more clever to save offsite contact info for those with whom you're willing to privately message, not absolutely everyone. Even if you actually want everyone in here now to have your cell number, you might not want someone showing up later to get it, see? Sticking with private messages first, you're in control. Including your email address or phone number in a post for the rest of the forum as well, you're not.)




If you have another question not already answered above and/or want even more guidance, please see our HELP/frequently asked ?s and their answers area, accessible in the footer immediately below.


CHEERS, thanks a lot!

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