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How to find a roommate here:

1. sign up

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3. add your roommate advert

4. find a roommate

(That would be only order that works, up there.)

After adding your advert, there will be a BRIEF DELAY FOR HUMAN REVIEW. You can't view member profiles, reply with questions to other adverts, or privately message other members until you add an advert that passes. We will message you if and when it does.

While we regret that the brief delay may be frustrating for some, human review IS actually necessary to shield the sincere from a barrage of dirty rotten spammers and complete and total idiots.

AFTER your roommate advert passes human review, you'll be able to browse other roommate adverts and message whomever you like.

You will be sent an email when we send you a message. You can also check for messages while signed using the menu up top right. (If you see "sign in" up there rather than your username, you need to sign in first.)

Privacy Policy

Registering for this forum and adding your advert in and of itself will NOT expose you to spam and/or contact by third parties not from this site or registered with it as a potential roommate.


Your email address is required to register, but only used for email from the system. It's not provided by US to any other members (they have to use the messaging system to contact you, and that doesn't display your email address), and it's also not accessible to search engines and bots.


We will NOT send you anything other than the email required for your voluntary participation here except what YOU choose. Nor will we ever sell or share your email address with anyone else except if required by a court of law. No one. Else. Ever. We promise.


Yes, that means we won't sell or share your email address with any other site, third party, organization, mailing list, company, nothing and nobody whatsoever. No "trusted partners," nobody at all. Email addresses shared with the site stay right here.


Obviously, if you get to know another member and want to provide them with your email address and/or any other contact info, YOU certainly can. And then obviously, others can see the content of any advert you placed (but that would be the point, right?).


But when and if you share your email address with anyone else and exactly what you share in your advert(s) is entirely up to you.


Once advert(s) are deleted, they will no longer be published or accessible anyplace on our site. We will not retain information from those adverts for any future use.