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26 y.o. Professional Male Looking to Rent House in/Around Richmond

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My name is Drew, and I'm a new grad doctor of physical therapy.  I landed a job in Hanover with Sheltering Arms.  I start part time June 12, and go full time July 31.  I would like to have a solid living option in place by the time I start 40 hours/week.  I will have stable income, and am financially responsible.  Looking at rental options in Richmond, most are too ratty or too far away for my taste.  I'd like to live in a nicer home, and those don't start until around $1500/ month.  I'm willing to pay up to $1200/month for the right place.  I figure if I can find someone in a similar situation who is willing to pay $800-1000, we can afford a nice place together.  I need a house, not an apartment, as I do own a motorcycle, and a ton of tools (which you will likely find useful if your vehicle breaks down) which will be coming with me to Richmond.


I'm looking for male or female roommates.  I have lived with females before, and never had a problem or complaint.  I do prefer heterosexuality.  I have no bias against your sexual preference, but I find it easier to cohabitate, communicate and appreciate similar things when we all have the same orientation.  Gay friend coming over? Perfectly fine.  All that said, this whole deal seems remarkably similar to online dating doesn't it? I'm a virgo and I like long walks on short beaches. Oh yeah, sense of humor preferred as well. And If you can tell me what covfefe is, you're hired. 


I keep a clean common area, I eat healthy and I do like to cook a lot.  I'd like someone who feels as I do that your room is your business, but common areas should be kept clean.  That includes the kitchen and dishes amigo.  Don't care if they sit during the day because we all rush to get to work, but I'd rather they didn't sit as a feast for the fruit flies for several days.  


I am single, and I do want to get out and explore the city.  That doesn't mean you have to be single, but I'd prefer someone who likes going out as much as staying in.  I like to grill, have a few beers, and I tend to keep the fridge stocked.  If you don't drink, that's ok by me.  But I'd prefer someone who will hang out and enjoy a cold one.  That doesn't mean wild parties every Friday.  Let's talk about and plan something out if you want to have a large get together.  I'm ok with smoking outdoors, definitely not in the house and no illegal drug use in the house.  Really dont care if you like to smoke some weed now and then, but I won't be joining, its just not my thing.


I like to fish, I play ice hockey, I like to build things and work with my hands.  Not much into video games, I'd rather be outside, but If its a lazy wednesday I can get down with a shooter or something.  I'll likely be pretty busy during the week, so I take my weekend time seriously and am ready to go out and have some fun. Breweries, river days, nightclubs/bars, beach, whatever.


I'm a straight shooter and an open book.  If you want to know any more about me please ask.  Lets see if there is anyone cool down in Richmond.  Cheers.

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