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Mary Spencer

23 Year Old Looking for Roommate

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Mary Spencer

I am looking for 1-2 roommates to find an apartment in the Museum District for about $500 per person before utilities.  


I work full time in run specialty doing marketing, apparel buying, and coaching.  I get up early most mornings to workout, so I am fairly quiet in the evenings.  I like to read and watch Netflix but also enjoy spending time outside and trying new restaurants and other places.  I am fairly organized in the common spaces, I don't like clutter everywhere (my room is often a different story!).  There are some things that I would like to share such as paper products, condiments, spices, etc.  I enjoy cooking and will do so when my work schedule allows. 


My ideal roommate would be someone who does not smoke and is not a partier.  I would like to be friends with (or at least sociable) my roommate so that everyone feels comfortable in the apartment.  I think it is important to give notice of overnight guests coming.  It is also important to discuss any conflicts quickly, so that we can figure out a solution.

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