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Seeking roommate to share a spacious 2BR duplex in Greenfield/Sq Hill

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I rent a duplex in Greenfield near the edge of Squirrel Hill. I am looking for someone to split the cost of rent with me.  Rent would be $675 per person a month. (Utilities are not included in that). I'm looking for someone interested in signing a year long lease, as that is what I have done and I need help splitting the costs since my current roommate is moving out. The room would be available anytime after August 1st. 

You would have a private bedroom. We would share the full bathroom (upstairs with the bedrooms), living room, dining room, and kitchen (all down on the first floor). There is a nice backyard, a front and back porch, a large unfinished basement for storage. Laundry machines in basement. Free and convenient street parking. Bus stops around the corner, quick and easy commute to many areas of the city. The whole house is spacious, hardwood floors, updated appliances, dishwasher and disposal in kitchen, landlord is friendly and quick to fix anything we should need. No pets. The neighborhood is quiet, safe, nice. Walking distance from Murray and Forbes shops and restaurants. The common areas are furnished to a livable extent, but there is definitely room if you should like to bring your own things. The bedroom is fully yours to furnish and a nice size. (Shown in pictures, that's my roommate's stuff, the big wardrobe would stay for your use). There will be space in the house that you can use for a study area if you are in need.  I have wifi set up, and the option for cable tv for a tiny bit extra a month if you want. There is central heating. No ac, but the option to have ac unit installed for you. Bedrooms have ceiling fans. 

About me, I'm a 26 year old female. I am a full time early childhood teacher and I am friendly, considerate, and respectful. I am easy to get along with. It would be nice if we had shared interests or want to be social together, however I do also like to keep to myself and am not imposing on others, so it's ok if we just want to be cordial, but live separate social lives. I am very quiet and clean, you will never be disturbed by me as a roommate in noise or cleanliness. I like to go out with friends once in a while, and I don't mind social drinking, but I do not do drugs and I don't expect my home to be used for big parties. Having a few friends over on occasion is welcome. I like hiking, checking out events and exploring the city, staying home to watch tv or read, etc. 

If you have any questions or think this sounds like an option for you, please let me know! It would help me if you include a bit about yourself! Thank you!




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