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Looking for someone who needs a roommate for a low rent!

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Hi, I'm Jesse!

I would like to move in with a roommate at a rent that's lower than 200$.

I love pets so if you have any, don't worry.!

I am NOT looking for any rude roomates or owners who are uptight about everything from cleanliness to noise.

I AM looking for a genuinely kind and chill roommate who would like to talk and watch TV together and stuff.

Basically friend stuff.

I'm also looking for a place that's near some jobs (I want to be able to walk there because I can't drive yet)



One thing I request is whomever picks this ad to ve able to come where I live abd pick me up!


Me around the house:

Throughout the day, I'm pretty chill, I usually don't talk to new people unless they talk to me but it always goes away eventually. I like to sing to myself and I'm gonna start writing again.

I like watching Netflix or YouTube.

(Stranger Things, etc)

I also dance i the mirror. I don't know why but I do it!

I sometimes am loud and crazy but that's usually by myself or with someone close lol.

Other times so quiet, you wouldn't know I'm in the house.


It would also be nice if the roommate and I could go out to places for fun or do fun activities.


I have to leave this house by September so please help me.


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