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Deja Moore

Roommate Wanted, Cheney WA, The Grove $540/mo

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Deja Moore

Hi! My name is Deja. A little bit about the roommates I live with, their names are Genesis (19 yrs old) and Alycia (22 yrs old). All 3 of us go to Eastern Washington University, about a 8 minute drive from The Grove where we live. They're super quiet and for the most part keep to themselves, very easy to get along with if you were interested in that. The Grove is located in Cheney, WA, about a 20 minute drive from Spokane, WA. It goes fairly fast because it's all freeway. I've attached a few pictures of the model apartment on the website to give you an idea of what the furniture looks like. It won't look exactly like this, it will be differently decorated. Don't worry about bringing furniture or anything much, it's completely furnished and the bathroom will have a shower curtain and everything already. If you decided you wanted to move in, I would stock the bathroom with toilet paper and hand soap for you. That's how eager I am to get someone to take over, haha! I am moving to Maryland for school and the sooner someone takes over the lease the better, so I can save as much money as possible for my move. If you decided to stay, then I would work with you and the lease manager to get the lease switched over to you, so if you wanted to give a landlord reference that's who it would go to. Here are the amenities. I would be happy to answer any other questions you have!


• Community Amenities:

- Computer Lab

- Tavern-Style Game Room

- Free Indoor Tanning

- Clubhouse

- Outdoor Grill

- Firepits

- Resort Style Pool

- Controlled Access Gate

- Free Printing

- 24-Hour Fitness Center

- Coffee Bistro

- Outdoor Fireplace

- Sand Volleyball Courts

- On-Site Parking

- Basketball Court


• Apartment Features:

-Private, lockable bedroom

-Your own walk-in closet

-Modern furniture for the whole place

-Washer & dryer in apartment

-Up to $25/mo elecricity allowance (if you go over, you only pay the difference)

-Premium cable package

- Private bathroom in your room

- Full kitchen (shared with the two others)

- You will sign an individual lease

- Water/trash service

- High speed internet

- In-unit dishwasher















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