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Umbc student looking for roommates

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I am a 3rd year umbc student. Computer science major. Russian minor. I’m on the swim and dive team and spend most of my time on campus except sundays. I party a bit but that’s not my scene. My idea of a good time is a bunch of people playing wii (maybe having a beer or 2). I am very social. I have a car. His name is echo. He is amazing and he loves people. He’s very clean and very well behaved. I have a hamster too but I do not have to bring him. I like honesty in the household. If something is bothering someone please say something don’t just bottle it up. I like being organized and clean but I’m not a freak about it a little mess is ok. I also love cooking especially cooking for others. Ohhh I also love decorating especially for holidays and things. The last attached picture is my old room to give u an idea. 




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