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Christian, Female, Employed Professional desire room in NE

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I'm currently renting a room in the southwest. I've been here over a year. I have a friendly relationship with my current landlady and roommates. I'm not leaving because of any other reason than I need to transition and relocate to the northeast... i work, go to church, and will be attending school, semi full time, in the North East, 6 days a week. I to through a full tank of gas before the entire week passes. I'm dependable. I have steady income and a reliable job so I pay my rent on time. I'm neat and tidy, and will do my share of cleaning up. I have limited furniture, Sri I don't need a furnished room... But I do have a storage, so it's alright if the room comes furnished. I'm engaged, but practice a godly lifestyle and he will not be sleeping over. He has his own place I can visit him at, if there's a no guest rule in the house... however, i do have a small jack Russell dog who's calm and loving. I will not get rid of him, he's like family to me. I have my own vehicle. I also cook my own food, but am willing to work out an agreement, like i recently had with my roommates, where we share the cost of groceries and household products and take turns cooking for each other... But it doesn't have to be that way. I'm a decent cook, i love frying and experimenting... But I'm also going on a ketogenic diet, beginning November 1st. I need a place by December 1st, until June 2018. I love Jesus, my man, my dog, jamming to music, chilling with Netflix, arts and crafts, traveling, nature, and improving my life daily.... shoot me a message and i hope to hear from you soon. 

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