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Hannah K

Seeking tidy female roommate for 2 bedroom apt near Garfield Park

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Hannah K

Hi! I am soon moving into a 2 bedroom apartment near Garfield Park and Fountain Square area for 12 months. They are doing renovations (new kitchen and bathroom) and said they will be done by the end of January. Rent is great- only $560 so $280 each, plus $30 water and trash. Electricity is separate. 

I am looking for a 20-something female with a stable job who is neat and tidy. Someone who does their dishes as soon as they're done, does not leave their stuff in shared living spaces, and helps keep the bathroom clean (there is only one so that's very important). I work and go to school so when I am home I usually like it to be peaceful. A few friends or significant other coming over is fine but no crazy parties, I don't want a 24/7 hangout spot. I am studying graphic design and serve downtown, when I'm off I like to watch movies, read, write, and drink a little. I will upload photos of the place when I move in. 

If you're interested, please contact me with your age, work, interests, etc and we can talk about it! :)


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