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Looking for female roommate for May/June 2018

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My current roommate is moving back home out of state for family reasons in May and our least is up in June.  The complex has a 2 animal limit and a restriction on dog breeds.  I have a cat (and a caged pet that doesn't count) so you'd only be allowed one animal non caged. 


The laundry room is directly across from my apartment door, so it's literally less than 5 steps away. The parking is a lot right in front of the building. I am on the bottom level of the building.

Central heating and air conditioning. Heating bills are very low (around $60-$70 a month and I run it a lot). Air conditioning can be expensive (but mostly because my roommate ran it a ton this summer when I usually don't).


I work full time, mornings, but I sometimes work up to 13 hour shifts (usually just Sundays).  I'm a homebody so I don't go out a ton.


If you have any questions at all feel free to message me. 

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