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Friendly 20 Something Roommate Wanted

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We live in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, which is 15-20 minutes away from Downtown Cincinnati. Also, while we live close to the highway, if you work in Cincinnati, there are some awesome back roads, so you don’t have to wait in stop and go traffic every morning. 


My boyfriend, myself, and our two cats moved into our place a few months ago and we’re looking for someone to take the spare bedroom. Rent is $550 a month, which includes water, garbage, snow removal, and pool access (electric will vary month to month, but will be split equally three ways, and internet is $15 per person). 


You will have your own room, which you can paint if you want, and bathroom to yourself. The bathroom is a hall bathroom, which could be used by guests, but there is a door to the bathroom inside the room so you don’t have to go into the hallway, and of course everything locks. If you feel super uncomfortable with guests using your bathroom, we would be open to hearing those concerns. You would also have access to a nice large kitchen with a microwave, a stove, an oven, and a dish washer. There is a washer and dryer behind closed doors in the home office, an electric fireplace, and a balcony in the living room. 


My boyfriend and I have been together for four years and we were close friends for a year and a half before we started dating, so you wouldn’t have to worry about instability in our relationship affecting your living situation. We both graduated from the University of Kentucky in May where we’ve spent the last five years before moving to Northern Kentucky. I received Dual degrees in Business Organizational Communication and Political Science and currently am working for a company in Blue Ash while I save up to and purse a masters in International Relations. Jesse received his degree in Architecture and he is currently working as a waiter at a five star restaurant before he joins a firm, and is also going to be starting his master’s in the next few years as well. 


We we are both huge nerds who loved school, and enjoy learning new things in our free time, but we also love drinking beer and binge watching Netflix. I am a very social person who enjoys going out regularly and socializing, while Jesse is more introverted and would spend all of his time happily playing video games at home if I didn’t drag him out lol. 


We would prefer someone who is clean, and isn’t relatively loud, but wouldn’t mind hanging out occasionally. We would also prefer someone who doesn’t have any pets, unless it is a fish, lizard, or some other cadged creature. Right now, our two cats have plenty of room to roam around, but if we added another cat or dog into the equation, it would be too much. 


We also have a spare twin mattress that we could move into the room if you need one. 


Please feel free to contact me about any questions or concerns!
















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