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I Hope you will be another good friend I will carry for life!

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I am 27 years old, Brazilian, full-time worker (40hrs mon-fri), male. 

I am looking for new place to call HOME, not a place full of restrictions where I could never truly relax after a hard day at work. 

I am not offering a room, I am looking for someone that is a good match to look for a place together. I want to move in around April 1st and I am willing to pay up to 1100. Looking for good access to Downtown Toronto, where I work. 

I've already lived with 3 roommates (two men and a woman) before in my life. The girl turned into a friendship that I know will last forever, she is like a sister now. The guys are good friends I meet regularly. 
Basically, I say that good sense is what drives the house. Do you want to live some of your dishes in the sink for the next day? I am fine with it, as long as I have space for my own cooking. You want to bring friends to stay over(or one-night stands)? Great, I will be doing the same! But I will keep in mind that if my roommate is not part of the event, my friends shall not disturb him/her. 
I truly do not understand why people demonize drinkers, smokers and/ or people that want to have visits coming over. I am still a very normal person (in fact, neater and organized than many) and the fact that I do those thing does not turn me into a messy, alcoholic irresponsible loud jerk.

I like to have some beers during the weekends and soccer game nights.
I smoke weed about 2 a week. I can commit to smoke outdoors if the roommate is not a smoker.

I like to have friends coming over occasionally.
I would rather have somebody that is willing to create a friendship. Somebody that knows when to respect other's people space but also enjoys human interaction. 
I am not trying to force a friendship, but I know what I want and I know I would love to have somebody that I could go for a 420 walk, or have a couple of beers on a Friday night watching some dumb TV show.

If that sounds like you, PLEASE, contact me. I do not care about age, gender or sexual identity. I am not looking for a type of relationship that this would matter. In fact, it is important to say that I do not get along with racists, homophobes, sexists and extremists of all kinds. 

Sorry about this giant ad ( and the bad writing), but this search has been a real pain in the ass, full of people that remind me of my school vice-principal, shouting stupid rules all over. Better avoid it.


Take care!

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