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UNIQUE request…mother and daughter

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In brief, I am seeking a temporary residence [as soon as it is possible] for myself to share with my adult daughter and our small dog. Though our current situation, living with close friends and their children, has been amicable, we recognize and concluded an immediate transition is necessary. Their generous hospitality and willingness to house both mother and daughter for more than a year, with the understanding it may greatly impact their lives; has been and still is a commendable and an exemplary undertaking. 


About us…


Though this mother and daughter [an unavoidable fact], are going through different crossroads in our lives, we hold a strong bond together and have a GREAT relationship.  On our days off, you may find one of us reading a book, studying or attempting to catch up on past episodes of the Path on Netflix. We are VERY clean - , responsible and hard working professionals with one aim in mind …a future home.  Currently, we are both employed. My 23 year old daughter is planning to attend college in the fall. She is employed at the New York Sports Club in Dobbs Ferry, NY as a Membership Consultant. I, on the other hand, work for Richmond Community Services - as a Recreation Leader [Yonkers location] for an agency which serves individuals with severe physical and developmental disabilities. 


Any pets...yes... PNUT- our baby is a Maltese terrier mix. Her temperament to others is warm and friendly and most days, loves to play. She is a highly trained dog that is potty trained -- no accidents, and is quite obedient.   


To that end, if you are considering, please keep in mind this will be a short -TEMPORARY room rental.


Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hear from you.

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