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Artsy lady looking for a roomate

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I have an 2nd level 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath. The room is unfinished. The rent is $332 and it includes washer and dryer in the unit, water, and trash. You would also be responsible for half the utilities. I am looking for a person who loves animals, friendly, reliable, respectful, with a sense of humor, who would keep the apartment relatively clean. You must have a job or an extremely reliable source of income and pay the rent and utilities on time. No smoking, no drama, no drugs, no politics, no in your face religion and no drinking excessively. I am on the second floor and there is a very quiet baby that lives beneath so there is a limit on noise level. I wake around 3-4 am and go to bed at 8-9pm but I try and be very quiet when I am up. I work from home during the week and work elsewhere on weekends for a few hours. I might need you to take the dog out once in a while. He is a Lhasa Apso (small black and white mop with a big personality.) He will, of course, make sure you pass the test before moving in. I am pretty laid back, friendly, with a sense of humor. I am artsy, kind of a hippie, live and let live sort with a bit of a geeky streak. I already paid the deposit on the apartment. You would have to pay a $25 application fee to the apartment manager for her to run a criminal background check and a credit check. If everything checks out, you can sign the lease on August 1st and you can move in then. The place is called Echo Mountain Apartments on Lora Drive in Woodstock.


Serious inquires only, thank you!

I look forward to hearing from you! :)

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