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Spare Room in 2BR/2BA Dickey Hill Forest Apartment ($600)

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At the end of June, I'm moving into a new 2 bedroom apartment in the Dickey Hill Forest apartment community with my cat Gracie. The apartment is currently unfinished so I do not have pictures yet, but it has central air, a washer and drier in the unit, dishwasher and two bathrooms. The room is 10'x10' with a bathroom across the hall in the common area which you'll have to yourself. There will be high-speed Internet (including Wi-Fi) and I will be having a security system installed as well. There is also a small patio and the apartment is on the bottom floor. Only cats (max 2) are allowed in the apartment, so if you have one you can bring it as long as you think it will get along well with my cat and you take good care of it. There is a bus stop nearby, but I personally think it would be easier for you if you have a car. If you would like to see what the apartments look like, you can check out the Dickey Hill Forest website until I can take some pictures. Rent will be $600 a month. I've included the expected cost of utilities in this amount, but it may change if I underestimate or overestimated any costs.


I spent many hours researching this apartment community and it's the only place in the Baltimore area near my workplace that had everything that I wanted in an apartment that also seemed safe. Dickey Hill Forest also has an incredibly high rating on apartmentratings.com (91%)!


Desired roommate: I'm looking to rent my spare room out to someone that's not super extroverted and is pretty independent, responsible and of course trustworthy. As long as you are nice, respectful and have a decent sense of humor we'll probably get along. It would be nice if we had a common hobby or interest to talk about, but it's not a deal-breaker if we don't. Expect to chat back and forth with me via email/text a bit before I consider you as a potential roommate.


About me: I'm an introverted, somewhat nerdy IT guy and I mostly keep to myself, but I'm also very friendly and fairly laid back. I'm gay, atheist and politically liberal, but I mostly keep my views to myself unless prompted. I'm also definitely a homebody, but I like to get out and try new things as well. I mostly spend my free time hanging out at home playing video games or watching movies or Netflix, but I go on hikes occasionally as well. I also like reading and growing carnivorous plants. In college I studied Japanese and Telecommunications as a double major and spent 10 months studying in Japan and love to travel. I don't smoke (anything, and I prefer that you don't either) and I usually only drink on special occasions. Until the fall, you'll also be sharing the apartment with my best friend while he prepares to move abroad.


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