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Hayley Hunter

Looking for Roommate in Lee’s Summit, MO

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Hayley Hunter

Hi there! I just recently got a teaching job in a suburb of KC. Living in Lee’s Summit would be extremely convenient & I have already found a fabulous apartment complex in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I have 0 pets, I am extremely clean, I will be gone most weekends, & won’t be around much due to teaching & coaching. 

The obvious cheaper route is to find a roommate rather than living on my own. I’ve looked at a few different apartment complexes but I found one that I love called The Fairways. Rent could be anywhere from $545-700 but the amenities are incredible. (Comes with washer/dryer, lots of open space, modern clean apartments, free car wash, salt water pool)

I am looking to move really anytime! Around end of August/early September would be ideal. 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. 906F0FEA-9601-44C0-82BD-06A8A75F9A7E.jpeg

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