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So, here we go. I'm a woman who works in media, has actual furniture, eats actual food, drinks actual beverages and has an actual car. I've lived all over NYC, and my favorite borough is Queens. Well, not so much the Rockaways, but Queens in general. There are some neighborhoods I love, even where parking is ridiculous, like Forest Hills, Middle Village and Rego Park. I don't like Far Rockaway because I actually lived there for a while. I've mentioned that I have furniture, because I don't want a furnished room. I also have a massive collection of books. What's funny about that is that I've read each and every one. Even the book on Mass Communication law. I am not a vegan, although I surely do love fruits and veggies. And meat. I do like to cook, and I possess a great guacamole recipe. My relation to coffee is close and loving. I feel similar warmth about baked goods. Apartment layout? No shared bedrooms, at least 1 bathroom, and a living room would be cool. I've had great gal roommates, and great guy roommates, so either is fine by me.


I've been known to both appreciate and tell jokes, which I learned from my dad and my brother. There were many terrible puns told to me in my formative years. Especially those involving belching...which they always found hysterically funny. I am a prodigious reader, and I surely do love TV and music. Please note I prefer rock, but will listen to darn near everything at least once. Except endless show tunes. My friends range from the exceedingly eccentric to the ever-cheerful. I might actually invite one or two over. I adore cat and Episcopalian memes. I'm one of those weird people who does go to church on Sundays. I have 2 cats, which I want to mention up front. Where I go, they go. They're very sociable with other cats, but I suspect they might have nervous breakdowns sharing space with a dog. And now having said that, they'd probably be okay with a dog.


I'm fairly neat, a medium-size fan of GOT, a big fan of The Walking Dead, South Park, several anime shows, and Dr. Who. I still don't get the humor of Seinfeld, but am completely enraptured by the humor of the writer Terry Pratchett. Two of his observations play prominent roles in my worldview: "The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp," is a guiding principal in my life, along with "In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods. They have not forgotten this." There's a great deal more I can say about myself, but I think this is enough for an opening salvo. I hope to find a place soon. Now would be good. I've uploaded pix. The first is me in the denim jacket and my friend with her pug at the Blessing of the Animals event. es, my chin disappeared in the shot. Then, my cats...Nicky, who's grey, and Lugh, who's white. Hope to hear from you.Blessing 15 13.JPGNicky (3).jpgLugh (3).jpg

Lugh (3).jpg

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