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Looking for a reliable roommate as i go to college

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cons: I have 2 kitties, so I hope you are not allergic, they are sweet, not too crazy. I may forget some things and I usually have a semi-disorganized room(to outsiders)

pros; I know how to finance, I will pay my bills and communicate to you as long as you communicate with me. I am respectful, I will not do last minute leaving you with rent or anything. I stick to my plans. I am quiet, a good cook, not too picky on any animals you might have. I love them all. 

pretty much, if you can be organized, honest, reliable, and overall respectful, I will return the favor.

I will have a car, I want to have 50/50 with paying all the bills we both use. so wifi and phone, if you don't have a family plan with someone else. I pay for my gas and animals. 

I will be doing homework mostly in my room or somewhere else, I will also be working in west saint paul at a Montessori school. I hope you can pay and do your part.

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