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Chill roommate seeks similar in KC

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Just looking for another person to share a household/apartment with. 

Respectful, fun, honest, quiet and tidy are what I bring to the table, and also what I would like to find. Mainly looking for a roommate to help cut the cost of living by sharing. I've had some less than pleasant living situations in the past when living with good friends. Trying something different now.


Looking to move some time in July. Prefer the midtown/westport/ or crossroads/river market area.

I do have 2 cats and hope you're an animal lover as well.

A bit about me and where I'm at: Currently living south of downtown kc. Recently found out my current roomie is having a baby. Her partner is moving in to take over my obligations, and thus I'm looking to relocate soon. Work in a call center (been here for 3 years) in Merriam, going back to school soon.


22 (soon to be 23) year old Caucasian male. Gay if that matters (low drama, I promise), respectful, non smoker, stable job, bit of a homebody and not a big partier. I'm kind of a gamer, so I tend to keep to myself but like to go out on the weekends. I'm a pretty chill roommate, only really expect that the common areas be kept orderly. I like to cook and will happily share dinner sometimes. Interests include good food, craft beer, live music, reading, games, art, and cuddling my cats.

I'm a very, very easy-going guy, but there are few things that grind my gears:

Leaving clutter in common areas for days on end, leaving entry doors unlocked, having strangers staying overnight without notice, dirty dishes in the sink for days. As a foodie, the kitchen is really the only area I like to keep spotless. I'm usually happy to clean it myself though.


Lastly, I ask that if I EVER do something that upsets you, you are more than welcome to come talk to me about it rather than just getting mad. I will do the same in return if I find you leaving your dirty dishes in the sink.


Thank you for your time,


- Parker

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