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Looking for Columbia/Ft. Meade Monthly Lease

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I’m a 34 year old male engineer looking for a month-to-month rent.  I typically work 40hrs a week or will be at the gym.  I don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t have pets, and don’t do drugs and am looking for the same in my future house mate.  I like to keep things clean and neat.  I don’t plan on bringing friends or family over.  I am planning to move out around mid May when my fiancee gets in country (dates tentative due to unknown US visa processing times).


What I’m looking for in a monthly lease:

-bedroom large enough to accomodate my queen size bed (8’x5.5’), night stand (30”x18”), and chest of drawers (40”x19”x56.5”tall) and boxes of personal items

-private bath



-prefer utilties to be included in the rent for simplicity of accountability 

-shared kitchen

-25mins or less drive (with no traffic) away from the Rt32/Rt29 intersection in Columbia,MD.

-30 day notice of lease termination though I’ll try to give you a more advanced notice if possible

-looking for cost to be under $800/mo.  Competitor leases with utilities are $650-$800/mo.


I’m ready to move in as early as 11 Dec (pending confirmation of moving company availability).


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