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Once You Meet My Cats You'll Never Wanna Stray

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For 10 years I've lived in my friend's Maple Heights home, a home in which we gave refuge to 14 cats and 4 dogs.  

In October my friend lost her battle to cancer, and now I struggle to keep the house and our animals together in the only home they've ever known.  

Of course, if you don't enjoy cats, maybe just one feline would be a deal breaker, and certainly ten cats would be your purr-gatory.  However, if you do enjoy cats, and especially cats under my care requiring absolutely no responsibility on your part, THIS home suits you purr-fectly.  

I seek boarders for the financial support of saving this home which has housed these loving animals for the last ten years.  Without money to pay the mortgage, soon these cats will need new homes, need to be placed with new owners, and separated from each other to live their lives in solitary boredom.   Yet, they have a home right here.  They already have a loving owner, right here, and to give them away, to break up these rescued strays, would not only break my heart, but break the bond of love to which they've grown accustom.  I can go live anywhere . . . but not without them in my life.  Without them, life is not living.

I'm not sure of this idea's feasibility, to save the house by taking on boarders, but I am committed in keeping this promise to my friend for seeing that our cats never leave the comfort and love of this home.

At this time, I live here alone, caring for Holly, Molly, Polly, Kali, Victor, Jackie, Dr. Peppy, (he's not really a doctor) Marshall, Gracie, and Zacky.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, I took early retirement in March after 14 years of being employed by TARGET.   

I say "fortunately" because I needed to spend more time at home caring for a stray we took in named Little Baby Graydee.  Little Baby Graydee's initial vet visit revealed her conditions of feline aids, feline leukemia, and feline asthma, and to protect the other cats from her maladies, I isolated her in a 7' x 10' tent assembled in the upstairs bedroom.  

Little Baby Graydee spent the next 9 months in her new inside home - a well appointed tent which included an electronic Hepa air filter, MP3 player, tv, decorative lighting, memory foam bed, litter box, food, and water.  

Every night, for 9 months, I slept inside that tent with Little Baby Graydee so as to chase away her isolation.   Because of the maturity of the other cats and their updated vaccinations, eventually we allowed Little Baby Graydee out of the tent to forever mingle with her 8 other cat brothers and cat sisters.  

As for the "unfortunately" part of my early retirement, within months I blew through my $6,000 pension seeking all sorts of holistic treatments to save Little Baby Graydee's life.  Weeks after I retired to care more fully for Little Baby Graydee, she succumbed to her bone cancer diagnosed months earlier.  

I seek to reenter the work force, not easily done at age 62, in order to somehow save the house and the cats.  Yet, even if can find work, that solution leaves the cats without human contact for eight hours a day.

So, for now, bringing in boarders seems to be the best and quickest solution for a troubling circumstance.

The location of this residence does provide many advantages to anyone desiring relocation. 

► Thistledown Racino sits less than 2 miles from my driveway.
► You can get to Giant Eagle less than one mile away.
► Southgate USA shopping center, also less than one mile away, supports many retail businesses, including The Home Depot and the aforementioned Giant Eagle.

► Amazon's North Randall distribution center stands less than one mile down Warrensville Center Road.
► The Van Aken rapid stop is 10 minutes away, the Shaker-Green rapid stop, less than 15 minutes away, both provide rapid transit pick up / drop off for $5.00 round trip, and can get you to Tower City or FirstEnergy Browns Stadium within 33 minutes. 

► If you correctly time all the traffic lights, you can get to South Pointe Hospital (a member hospital of The Cleveland Clinic) within 6 minutes.
► You can drive to the Northfield Hard Rock Rocksino in less than 12 minutes.

► Pinecrest, Cleveland’s newest mixed-use district, located right off the Harvard Road exit of I-271 in Orange Village, Ohio, requires only a 10 minute drive.   This Legacy Village-like center brings to the area the most sought after apparel, home and specialty stores, chef-driven restaurants and entertainment venues – many of which are first to the market. In addition, Pinecrest hosts a boutique hotel, contemporary apartments and next-generation Class A office space.

► Whole Foods just relocated from Chagrin Blvd to Pinecrest.
► This house sits less than a mile from the on-ramps for I-480I-271, and I-422, making travel easy anywhere in Northeast Ohio - to Willoughby, Euclid, Mentor, Parma, Twinsburg, Chagrin Falls, or downtown Cleveland.  A 25 minute drive can get you anywhere.   
This house has the greatest location, with the greatest cats. 

house.jpg10 cats.jpgmaple heights map.jpg

The pros and cons of this house:

The house itself contains two main-floor bedrooms, an upstairs bedroom running the whole of the house, and a full basement containing the washer and dryer.  It has whole-house AC, gas furnace heat and stove, and a completely fenced in backyard, with land beyond the backyard that runs along I-480 (probably explaining why we've encountered so many strays which we transitioned to indoor pets.)

Only one bathroom exists in the house, and no garage.  We knocked down the unattached garage because of its disrepair, and in its place we erected a 12' x 20' storage tent built for such purpose.

However, to make up for these non-luxurious accommodations, you get to enjoy the cats AND live with me!  I'm funny, smart, caring, dedicated, creative, inventive, loyal to a fault.  Until last year, when I stayed home to be with Little Baby Graydee during her remaining days, I never missed a home Browns game in the 47 NFL seasons of my attendance. 

Hopefully, I can interest people in this quest to find boarders who each can afford a monthly rent of $600 to enjoy what I, and the cats, have to offer.  Taking in boarders, affording me to keep the house and the cats, seems like a pipe-dream, but if I don't at least make the effort, this dream can't possibly come true.

Profile pic.jpgGrace the Tidy Cat 11-4-2016.jpgPepe on the Step Stool.jpg20161005_Jack the Cat B_resized.jpg
Zacky big foot.jpg20170227_132529_resized.jpg
001 Little Baby Graydee We Love You.jpgCat Sherman.jpgVictor Malden.jpg

Big Momma in the Back House - 2.jpg


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