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Looking for roommate/2 bed 2 bath apartment to share

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Hi, my name is Tess. My parents are moving to a different state in the spring/summer of 2019. I am looking for an apartment and a roommate to live with for a year lease to hopefully be renewed. I am 21 years old and have three jobs at the moment. I am taking my personal training exam in March to start personal training. I am very into nutrition and fitness. I will probably be going back to school part time in the fall of 2019 for Physical Therapy at HCC. 


I am usually busy, so when I come home I like to be home. I’m social, but like my time to decompress. I’m not much on partying or going out. However I’ll have a drink here and there. I’m not one to have people over the house or bring people home. I’m very self sufficient. I’d prefer a roommate that doesn’t smoke or At least doesn’t smoke inside so the house smells like cigarettes. I’m ok with pets as long as they aren’t aggressive or I have to take care of them 24/7. I’m a pretty clean person. However I’m not a neat freak. I usually will clean my own room or bathroom once a week when I’m off from work. I love to roller blade and cook. I will be competing in my first bodybuilding show in the spring. So with that being said, my life is pretty regimented, along with what I eat. I usually get up for work around 6 am depending upon what time I have to be there/ what job it is and I usually will be home when I have a break between jobs, but I usually don’t get home until 8 pm and then I go to the gym from there. So I’m not home that much. I’d really like to meet up somewhere to get to know a potential roommate before finding a place/ signing a lease. Hopefully you might be interested!! Thanks! 




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