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Kim Williford

Hartwell Girl

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Kim Williford

008.jpgHi! My name's Kim. I'm from MD but I moved here to Ga in 2007. Hartwell, Ga is where I live now. I really don't want to leave the town because my doctors are really wonderful. I suffer from mental illnesses that I take medications for. They are NOT narcotics. I think I used to take them but I really don't like them. I'm happy, blessed and healthy that is all that matters to me. I graduated HS and I went to college. It took me a long time to get there, but I went to college. It was my goal and I did it. While I was there, I majored in general studies and computer science. I thought I did really good despite that I sucked at math and government classes. Geometry is not my best skill of math. I didn't graduate from college, but I did receive a fine education.

I got on Social Security and disability in 2006. I decided to retire. I came down south to the warmer climate. It took me a good while to find a wonderful town to live in. I have been in Hartwell for almost a year. However, If I have to move away, I want to stay in Ga. but close enough to Hartwell, so I can be with my pickleball club. 

Since being on SSI and SSDI, I have NEVER late for rent and other bills. Most of the time while I don't use them if I have to only, are the grace periods. 

People who know me say that I am trustworthy, friendly, caring and would take my shirt off for anyone who would need it. Sometimes, it's not much more than a prayer to offer. I do what I can and am willing to be able to be there for my friends and family. I leave anything and everything alone in it's place, use only what I need, give back what I take and put things back where I got them. I never ever ask for anything if I can't get it on my own. That is the moral value I learned, cherished and have stood on ever the first time I heard it. I learned it when I was a kid and my father told me it was a wonderful moral value to have. I'll put it this way. I know it's righteousness. 

2nd moral value I hold dear to me is if someone overs me something, I will insult a person if I refuse it. We all are servants of God and that is a blessing. However, I give back what was given to me. It may not be the same service or object, but I never let the chain of love end with me.

I am considerate of others.When lights are out, sound goes off. If I want to still watch tv, I read close cation. I will call home if I am late coming home and always try to let someone know where I'm headed and ask if they would like to join me. It's ok if not. Some other time may be. 

Pretty much laid back and leeniant. 

I do my best to be neat and clean.

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