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Allison P.

Cherry Hall Townhouses Lexington, SC Townhouse

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Allison P.

Hi there!

Welcome! We are the Byars family. We are looking for a young (age 21-25) roommate to come fill our spare bedroom. We are located right outside of downtown Lexington and are about 15 minutes from Columbia, Irmo, and West Columbia area. Our townhouse is 1300 sq ft. so no worries you won't feel too cramped. It is two-stories and does have a lovely backyard patio. OK, now that all those details are out of the way here is what you really wanna know: your room will come with a walk in closet! However, we do only have 1.5 bathrooms so the bathroom will be shared. Right now in our home we have our 3 dogs, Denver, Sasha, and Gretel as well as myself and my Fiancé Dominik. We are down-to-earth, easy-going people who would be happy to accommodate a new roommate.


PS We are currently moving Dom's brother out of the spare bedroom so I've just attached photos of the available room off of our realtors website. And in case you're wondering, Gretel is our blonde dog, Denver is our German Shepherd/Husky Mix and he's brown and tan, and of course our Sasha is the black and white Husky.  








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