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Graham B

21 year old Musician looking for Musician roommate

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Graham B

I’m a musician that is working on building up a home studio, which can mean loud music being played in the house from time to time. I am very comfortable being flexible and working around your schedule, but being able to play music in a house is the main reason I’m moving. 

I am preferably looking for other musicians, as I’d like to set up a room for jamming/recording, and if you like to play music too it’d make it mutually appealing. Though it doesn’t make sense to delegate a whole room to that, which is very understandable, I can make do with just my bedroom. 


 I’m a guitarist, so most days I will just be quietly playing through headphones some soft jazz or blues, but I’m also in a rock band and I’d like to have the option of the band coming over to jam every once in a while. I’m flexible about this, though. I promise we won’t ever play any screamo death metal, haha. 

I’d also love for us to be able to hang out and get along, as opposed to just occupying the same living space and hardly talking. I’m comfortable with parties in the house, as long my stuff isn’t messed with when I’m not there, and I’m 420 friendly anywhere but my room (as the smoke messes up the music equipment). 


I can pay $700-$800 of rent+utilities and am happy to split groceries. I go to school 5 days a week and work on weekend nights, so you will have some free time to yourself. 


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