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Quiet Student Seeking Roommate(s).

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Quiet, Shy, and hardworking student seeking hardworking or young professionals for  roommates for the new year or after the new year. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I currently am renting out the first two bedrooms (unfurnished) in an roughly 1800sqft home. Would prefer young professionals or military, but I am happy with people who have a job and can provide proof of income. There are two bedrooms available. There are shared living areas such as the living room (Furnished), kitchen (Furnished), and dining room (Furnished). The front bathroom is also shared between the prospective tenants.  Rent may be pro-rated depending on move in date.  New floors are being placed due to a slab leak back in July.


The rent payment breakdown is as follows:


Entire rent includes: Water, Gas, Electric, Alarm system, and Trash for a total of $150.00 in utilities. The remaining $300.00 is Rent.


Internet is not included and is a separate cost of $70.00 split three ways.
Cable: The home is ready for cable but does not have cable. It is extra to add on to the internet bill and I normally just watch streaming TV on PC/Phone.

I can provide pictures if asked.


Thank you and hope to make a new friend(s) soon!


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