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Looking for more than just a reliable, responsible, and mature roommate

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Hello! My name is Natalie and I am a 19 year old student at York Technical College in Rock Hill, SC. I am currently studying to become a physical therapy assistant and have almost completed my prerequisite courses. Once that is completed, I will be transferring to a university that offers a physical therapy assistant degree. However, I am planning to stay in Rock Hill for a year or more. I also work 23 hours a week at a daycare center in Rock Hill, so I am quite busy, what with classes and work. I set high standards for myself, so you will often see me studying or I’ll be gone to the library. On another note, I have a five year old labradoodle who is very friendly and intelligent;  she is training to be my service dog for my anxiety disorders. She does not shed and is well mannered. Personality wise, I am an introvert that enjoys her alone time. I am quite shy and anxious when I first meet someone, but after I get to know someone, I am friendly, laidback, and enjoy a good laugh. In my free time, I enjoy watching tv, going out to the movie theater and to eat, and spending time with my dog. I look forward to getting to know anyone who is interested! 



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