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Architect Intern from Korea

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I came from South Korea at March.

I'm in internship with the architecture company downtown.

I'm finding generous roommate(or landlord) who allow me to rent from August to March. 

I'm clean enough to use all the stuffs and furniture.(I need fully furniture room)

Also I'm not noisy most of the time, and very stable.


I love reading books. I can talk with you about classical literature, SF fiction, and fantasy. 

Also I like watching movie and playing video games. My favorite game is League of Legend, actually:)

I'm running 2 or more times in a week, and trying to go fitness gym for health. (Just started)

If you want to watch some kinds of sports events, I will go with you!


I love dogs and cats so much! But I don't have any pets right now.

I hope to meet a good roommate!


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