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After adding your roommate advert, there will be a BRIEF DELAY FOR HUMAN REVIEW.  You can't view member profiles, reply with questions to other adverts, or privately message other members until you pass. 


While we regret the brief delay may be frustrating for some, HUMAN REVIEW IS ACTUALLY NECESSARY to shield the sincere from a barrage of dirty rotten spammers.  AFTER you pass, you'll be able to browse and message whomever you like, all 100% free.


We will email when you pass and/or have message(s). You can also check here (if you see "sign in" rather than your username, please sign in first).


For the love of the sun

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Hi. I'm Amy. I'm 36 and disabled. I'm not really noticeably sick, but my hands are awkward and I'm kinda anxious. But I'm kind and compassionate.  I'm relocating from the Detroit area to be in the heat and sun.  I am fairly intelligent, but I don't handle stress well.  I love music and anything funny on TV.  I am very much looking forward to the outdoors.  I can't wait to get a bike again.  I enjoy chatting or if you prefer to be alone, I can be scarce too.  I will do my fair share of the chores and I won't eat all your food.  Please offer me the same curtsies.   As far as having others over, well it's your house so you set the rules.  

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