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Looking for male roommate

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Looking for a temporary roommate. I realize many people are in odd situations with their jobs and living situations because of covid. I’ve also taken pay cuts and was thinking this could help both of us out.  I live in South Austin 3 bedroom 2 bath. You’d have your own furnished or unfurnished room and share bathroom with guests. I actually don’t have a lot of guests. I’m a gay male looking for a male roommate. Gay or straight doesn’t matter to me just as long as it doesn’t matter to you.  I’m mostly near around the house. Sometimes the kitchen doesn’t get cleaned up til morning. I have a great lab pit bull mix dog that is so friendly and docile. I’m not a drinker at all. Don’t mind if you do but please respect that I’m not a fan of a partier in my home. No drinking would be best. Definitely no 420. I work from home now due to covid. Not my favorite.  I actually like going to the office. Great back yard. Driveway garage and storage if you need it. 











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