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Looking for a vegan DDR duo partner (^_^) to room with to save money

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Hi! よー! 

My name is Callie (i might change it in the future, since it is based off of my old name; I'm transgender, male to female, kindof the beginning of transition despite coming out in 2015, its a long story)

I'm a 26 year old looking for a friendly roomate to live with.   I am kindof an ambivert, but more on the introverted side when it comes to cohabitation.    I enjoy longboard skateboarding, dance dance revolution, other videogames (Overwatch on PC, other games on PC, and I'm hoping to get a nintendo switch soon)

I would love a roomate that likes to play videogames, especially DDR.  I have a hard pad (L-Tek dance pad), and I want to get a second one (or if you want to buy one for yourself hint hint ;P).  It would be so great to have a roomie that wants to do duo dancing together.   I like doing No-Bar (i don't have a bar, and i like the challenge/workout of not doing bar, I feel cooler not leaning on the bar I guess).   Not a deal-breaker, I just think it would be fun to have someone to do this with.   

I'm kindof an anime fan, a weeb or otaku I guess you could say...but I wouldn't say I'm shameless about it (I mean, that's cool if you are, power to you, I'm just not so um, I dont want society to see me as too deviant I guess.  maybe that's just the insecurity and being closeted trans for most of my life so far talking).   No hate, maybe I'm the hater, or self-hating, both.    Like, I tried to be a cool hipster skater kid for awhile, but I feel like personality is kindof a discombobulated mess.  Skater-hipster/weeaboo-in-denial?  Whatevs.   I want to get into cosplay sometimes, but I hate feeling or looking "tacky" kinda.  But on the other hand, looking classy and classist is also dumb. Maybe that is definitely TMI, ack.   

Like, I guess I want to think I'm better than other weebs?   I like Japanese culture and I try not to fetishize it (example: a question I ask myself; do i like kendama because its japanese, or do i like kendama for what it is, besides it being japanese); I'm trying to learn Japanese through auto-didaction ('self teaching') but it is slow going (doing something called Mass Immersion Approach MIA for short, through Anki flash card program and a book called Remembering the Kanji by James Heisig, followed by immersing myself in the language through books/anime/etc), and its so discouraging when I meet people that are already almost fluent, because I feel so far behind.   But I guess its also motivating and humbling in a way.  I dont want to be "Better", i think i just have a lot of silly insecurities that I overthink and ruminate on.  

I hope that sortof gets across the type of person I am.  An insecure superficial meanie that is trying to be less that way but feels incredibly judgy, especially towards people similar to me.  

In regards to mental health, I have general anxiety and depressive moods a lot, but I think things are on the up-and-up.   It's always fun when i lose interest in everything that once interested me, start quesitoning everything about my identity, and etcetera.  But I'm a lot more sure of myself now than I was a year ago, though I still have a ways to go.   

I went to college from 2012 to 2015 and studied psychology/sociology/philosophy (a combined major, not multiple majors) and cinema/media culture studies as a minor, but I didn't quit make it all the way and took a leave of absence due to mental health kinda taking a nose dive (too much smoking, coming out as trans, and a lot of other stressors).  I haven't smoked since college, as well (the smell can be kindof triggering, to be honest, though i did still have a lot of good experiences, some were very bad).   I might return to college, I'm trying to figure out if I can without having to start over since the leave of absence has been so long.   At the moment I'm working as a barista, and looking for a second job to get more hours.  

I live with my parents at the moment, after quitting college I left a house that i lived in with 5 other people.   I miss living with people that aren't my parents, but I also would rather live alone. But since living alone is like twice as much (i swear the cheapest i can find is 800 rent a month, and i was paying about 400-500 back at that house), I am here looking for a roomate.  Plus honestly I'm lonely and could use the company. 

I do sometimes have odd hours, but I also like to kinda stick to a schedule when possible.  I'd prefer no crazy loud stuff going on in the house unless we're both taking part, or we are both okay with it.  Though it would be great to have similar schedules to not have to worry too much.   For example, I can't shower late at night while I'm living with my parents, and I wish I could.  I feel like I have no privacy in this house (no lock on my door and my mom walks in my room and does things while I'm at work, it drives me insane).  Of course, who wants to feel the need to lock their bedroom door, right?  But privacy is something I really highly value is what I'm trying to say (if my mom would respect it, I wouldn't want a lock on my door so much, but my parents won't allow that anyway).  Being able to do what we want to when we want to while also being respectful of the other person is the goal, though easier said, I suppose.    

Shared space is honestly going to be difficult for me.  It was really hard living in a house with 5 people and feeling like only 2 of us ever cared about keeping the dishes clean, only for everyone to get them all dirty in one night again and leave them for a week.  I can't stand that.    I tend to like having a lot of space when I'm using the kitchen, and I always feel like I'm battling for it living with my parents.  And feeling guilty using their things instead of my own.  It doesn't feel like my space, its my parents space and I'm just here.  Would rather like our shared space to feel like we both belong in it. 

With regard to food; I'm trying to be vegan myself (sometimes I eat non-vegan food at work, usually when its going to get thrown in the trash at the end of the day, though I keep giving into cravings.  I really am trying to be 100% vegan and I think it would be easier to have someone else to motivate each other).   I'm into coffee and tea, and trying to get into more vegan cooking, particularly veganizing Japanese dishes. I'm only really a beginner at cooking though.  I have an expensive hand grinder that I use to make coffee with an inexpensive aeropress, and while it would be hard for me to let someone else use the grinder, I'd love to make coffee for ya.  

Another example of shared space frustration is like--I let my roomates in college use my gamecube to play super smash bros. but they ruined the joysticks on the controllers because they gamed so much more roughly than I did, sometimes throwing the controller down and such and jamming the joysticks around till the rubbery part wore off and the joysticks became loose.  Yeah, I'm all for getting into it, but argh.  Not that I want people to feel aversive towards using my things at all, but yknow? I'm more inclined to share things if I can trust someone not to use it in a way I wouldn't (and yeah, some things I guess I'd rather not share at all, though it hurts to hear that when someone else says it, so I feel hypocritical).    

At the moment I'm trying to declutter via the Marie Kondo method.  I'd rather have a clean and simplified living space than a cluttered one. 

I can't think of what else to say at the moment 



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