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Artist and Doggo

Artist with Private Income and Best Dog Ever

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Artist and Doggo

Artist/Writer, 53, and very well-behaved dog, 5 1/2, looking for a simple room, furnished or unfurnished, private or shared bath, bills paid or not. I am willing to pay up to $800 per month. I prefer a house to apartments, no application fees, no extensive deposits and fees. Straightforward business -- you have a room, I give you money, my dog and I move in.

I have lived in community many times on- and off-grid, and I know how to make it work. I'm considerate, respectful, intelligent, and clean, friendly yet private, and always busy, and my dog is my constant companion. Whenever possible, he goes where I go. He enjoys people quite a lot, and gets along with most dogs and all cats. Everyone seems to love him.

My income is regular and steady. I practice moderation in all things -- including moderation -- and believe strongly in personal liberty. Politically, I am a mixture of liberal and conservative traits, and welcome informed and reasonable discourse, but keep it on the down-low. I try to be as appropriate as possible in all things. Most importantly, though, I clean up my messes as I go -- dishes, bathroom, common -areas, etc.

I'm re-establishing myself in Austin after several years away, and am looking for the right situation for the long-run, but will do a minimum of six months to start, preferably month-to-month with thirty days' notice to quit. 

Also, I've been backpacking for the past four months, and have had limited contact with humans. Twice in recent weeks I have tested negative for covid-19.

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