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Cray & Nici

The complex is located in The Woodlands. The unit was moved into on Feb 22nd and its on a 12 month lease. It’s 2/2, 1259sq ft, Spacious bedrooms, dining room and living room areas with balcony and in unit washer/dryer and a security system. The complex is located near shops with lots of green. There’s a community gym, pool table, off street parking. Bills are included in the rent (760, (350 deposit). Half of deposit given back if all is as you left it with no damage. Deposit is kept if you decide to leave before the agreed upon term)). Internet is provided 900mbps down (we do NOT operate on or allow 5G into the home so if your phone, tablet, ect is on the 5G network we will not accept you.) and unlimited data. If interested, you will have to submit to a criminal background check which includes all of your social media accounts and must be public, verify who you are with your ID or license, your income and sign a roommates agreement (minimum of 3 months stay with deposit (half given back if you stay the 3 months and leave everything in the condition you received it)). We take this approach just in case it doesn’t work out as planned and we all can break free peacefully. If that goes well you can decided to extend it, sign the leasing agreement with the complex or leave.



So in looking for a roommate, obviously we would like for them to be compatible with us. A roommate we would like is for someone who meshes with our lifestyle. We don’t mind guest(s) or even an overnight guest from time to time just don’t want it to be too often. Someone who doesn’t throw large or loud parties. Small gathering of friends we don’t mind. No one who gets drunk or does drugs of any kind. Someone who isn’t violent and disrespectful. Pretty much it for us. Just someone who pays on time and if you have any issues we can talk about it and see what can be done. We do prefer heterosexual candidates.


Hopefully during all the craziness you are still keeping your head up. We would like to find a roommate who is in need for a place to stay and a lighter rent load. Sorry for the long read in advance lol.


We are a couple that into our current complex in The Woodlands on Feb 22nd on a 1 yr lease.


Husband: mid 30s hetero M who works from home and have other small businesses. Musician and gamer, starting a podcast channel. Child of the Most High Yahuah who is new and renewing my faith and going out to witness recently with my wife. So if any be a part of the body of Christ who have been wanting to go out to witness but haven’t and want others go out to witness with we are more than happy to welcome more to do the Lord’s will. No kids so don’t have to worry about drama or kids around. Doesn’t smoke, do NOT do drugs or drink. Do not party. Quiet. Clean. Very laid back, mindful of my business only. Considerate, helpful and I’m making it a point to transition back into an Alkaline lifestyle after falling off the wagon for a while. If you don’t know what this means it’s a lifestyle recommended by the late Dr. Sebi that advocates clean eating and herbs for the nurturing and healing of the body. No meat and no GMO foods. In regards to being a relaxed person, I am not a mask nor a vaccine advocate. very peaceful in regards to conflict. We are adults right? I’m not into negativity and hopefully you are the same way.


Wife: 20s, Mixed Latina/Indigenous, plays games a very little bit, A Child of the Most High, very friendly, considerate, helpful, kind and super sweet. She’s cool and always willing to help. Likes to cook.

We would prefer no couples. If you are looking to save and look for a new place, give us a contact and we can see if we can work things out. We ask that you do not waste our time as we have gotten a few that has not been serious. thanks for your time.


















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