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Needed: Temporary/Transitioning Living Opportunity

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I currently live in Southern Indiana and have accepted a job in Louisville by the Gene Snyder (zip code 40229).  I would like to avoid bridge traffic by moving across the river but do not want to make a permanent living decision right away.  So, I would like to find a temporary living situation I can not be tied to but can rely on for some time; while deciding what my permanent living situation should be.  I'm not looking for anything real expensive, but, of course, I need a safe environment, reasonably priced, consistent, not a party house, clean (not meticulous but not a disaster), organized, calm, drama-free, open communication persona and nonjudgmental temporary living situation I can feel comfortable in.  I will help out with any chores I need to help out with, but I am not going to be a maid or let my giving characteristics be taken advantage of. 

If I am sharing a living space with someone, I guess I'd expect the rent to not exceed $400 a month out of my pocket.  I am looking for a temporary place to stay and feel safe in; not for you to profit off of my needs.  I am easy to get along with, am honest, have a lot of integrity, understanding, a loyal client and friend, and will not steer you or mislead you in the wrong way intentionally.

I am a very well educated, highly respected professional, outgoing individual, and I take life as an adult seriously (while laughing a lot, too).  I am single but do date, but that will never be a situation where I have them "living" there, also...

If you think you may have a place for me to stay for a while, please message me and we can talk about more details.


Thank you!


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