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Hermitage Area, Room for Rent

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This is a friendly house in a cute subdivision in which every house looks the same. There's a room/bathroom for rent. The bedroom and bathroom are in the upstairs of the home along with a third unused bedroom and loft.


I have two cats who won't tolerate other pets. They are old and only slightly cranky but will love you if you feed them treats. They do shed (one of them an entire cat every day, it feels like) and they will have interest in your things but only for a moment.


What I'm looking for in a roommate is someone who does not need me, only a place to live. I am super friendly and very outgoing and I will love getting to know you, but please don't need me for your social activities or to be your BFF. I have my own BFFs and I want you to have yours (or not, depending on how you like to live. Total introverts are fine, too.)


Also, I need your stuff to fit into your room and not spill over into other spaces unless we agree beforehand that it can spill. You get the full use of the bedroom and bathroom and we can hang out in the rest of the spaces together, but please, let your laundry and your keyboard and your bucket of shower products fit into the spaces you rent.


I like to cook and share food and obviously you'd want to use all that pantry/fridge/cooking space, too. You are free to use the grill. There is minimal (and I mean minimal) storage space in the garage.


I like to have friends over and am cool if you do, too, but let's put some parameters around when and how. There's no television in my house so no cable. We can talk about internet. Utilities are included unless they go sky high but at this time, I don't foresee that happening. I'm open to nearly any conversation.


What I'm not open about is drug use of any kind (and I care not that pot should be legal - go be legal in another state if that cranks your tractor), anything other than a single renter, and I probably don't want to live with anyone who is bringing a tarantula. Or snake. I think I'd never sleep again.


So, anyone interested?



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hello, are you still looking for a roommate. id love to touch bases. 

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