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Chris Hawkins

Looking for a Responsible Roommate

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Chris Hawkins

I am looking for a responsible, female roommate to share my 3 bedroom home in North Huntsville. Home is located less than 5 minutes from Research Park Boulevard and convenient to many restaurants and businesses. Currently, I live by myself and have my daughter stay with me occasionally-about 10 days out of the month.


The home is fully furnished, so only bedroom furniture is needed. There is also a full, two-car garage that has ample space for storage.  The rent is 350.00 per month (not including renter's insurance, which is required) Utilities are usually around 75.00 per month right now, but can be more/less based on how often we are home. Cable and internet are not included, but home is wired for both. Roommate is responsible for cost of internet/cable if she desires to have said services. There is a washer/dryer available.  Pets that are not in cage/tank are not allowed.


I am a banking professional and keep regular working hours. So someone who works the same schedule is preferred, but not required.

There is a 400.00 security deposit that is due upfront and will be returned upon roommate moving out with satisfactory inspection. Any background/credit check fees are the responsibility of the roommate at beginning of application/interview process.


Ideal Roommate:


-responsible (has never been evicted, owed previous landlord, pays expenses

in timely manner, etc.)

-doesn't mind children (1 child) or guests

-provides their own food/toiletries or is willing to split cost

-maintains clean environment and is able/willing to do chores (split chores)

-doesn't drink (while minor child is present)

-doesn't mind spirituality, but isn't required to be spiritual

-respectful (willing to deal/communicate any issues in adult manner)

-pays their half of monthly bills early/on-time to current roommate.

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