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Looking for a Roommate. Apartment in Amherst

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I live in an apartment in The Boulders, and I would love to share the rent with someone since it's currently just me living in a 2 bedroom apartment. A bit about me:


-Graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute May 2016 

-Currently employed as an Operations Industrial Engineer for USPS

-I like to keep shared areas clean, but I don't mind how clean your personal space is

-I don't smoke

-On the weekend I usually hang out with my boyfriend and his roommate (they're in Northampton)

-Partied occasionally in college, but I would prefer not to host parties in my apartment because of all the carpeting (but friends hanging out is totally okay!)

-I usually try to go to sleep around 10 PM during the week

-I usually cook a couple meals on the weekend and then eat leftovers during the week


Rent would be $650 plus half the utilities (internet, water, and electricity), bringing the total to a bit less than $700/month. My apartment is also located very close to 2 bus stops (one in the complex and one just outside). The apartment complex also has a small fitness center.


Not sure what else you want to know about me, but if you have any interest in learning more about becoming my roommate, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! 






Front of building.jpg


Living Room.jpg

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