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College Student looking for Long-term roomates

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I am a 19 year old female looking for 1 or more roommates to rent a house or apartment together for at least one year. I would like someone within the 18-25 range.  I currently live with my boyfriend and want to move out on my own. 


I will only except female roomates. I am a devoted Christian and hope to find Christian roommates. 


I have a few homes in mind to rent but I would like to select the house or apartment with my roomate(s) so it is to our liking . I would like to live in Colonial Heights, Chester or Prince George but am open to more areas.  We will also create house rules and will have a contract  so no one feels they are being taken advantage of or is left without a way to pay rent and bills. I plan on adopt a dog soon and am okay with other pets in the home.

I am looking to pay up to 800-1000 total-not each- for rent, depending on how many roommates are in the home. 


I have a full time job and expect you to have enough income to cover the house bills. I cannot afford to support anyone other than myself.


Please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you


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