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young professional woman looking for female roommate in south-Indianapolis greenwood area

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I'm moving in from out of state in June, and I do not have an apartment yet. Looking to find a roommate with or without a place yet. If you don't have a place, we can chose one that matches both our requirements. 


How I am as a roommate AND what I look for in a roommate

-ALWAYS reliable on payments!!

-relatively clean 

-relatively quiet

-don't party at home EVER, few kickbacks here and there but always lets roommate know ahead of time. 

-don't smoke

-I don't own any pets but I'm open to living with them

-females only please


what I'm looking for in a home:

-private room (obviously)

-private bath

-LESS THAN 40 minute commute to Columbus, IN 

-laundry in unit 

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