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grad student seeking room and roommate

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I'll be in Louisville from July 2017 to Christmas 2019. I need to find a place in a quiet, safe area, near a bus route. It would be great if the apartment is furnished and if it has off street parking, on-site laundry and a dishwasher. I will be to studying a lot for an SLP licensing exam, so I'm hoping to find a room in a peaceful, quiet location. I don't want to buy cable or phone but I might be interested in splitting wifi.


About me:

•         I’m a 30 year old graduate student in health sciences.

•         I don’t drink/do drugs/smoke or party hard.

•         I like to keep things tidy, sometimes more toward average on neatness.

•         I’m a transgender male and I'm bisexual. My pronouns are male (he/him/his).

•         My hobbies are making art, biking, reading, hiking, and pretending I'm going to go kayaking.


Seeking a roommate who is:

•         any race, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, etc.

•         accepting of transgender people and LGBT friendly

•         doesn’t use hard drugs or do similar activities which might interest the police

•         keeps common areas reasonably clean/neat and doesn't let their dishes sit for days

•         doesn't play loud music/movies/have wild parties often


I have asthma and allergies (hooray) and so, I'm looking for a non-smoker (or someone who smokes outside only). Cats are adorable but I'm allergic. An outdoor cat is ok.Dogs and other non-venomous pets are welcome. :)

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