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According to Zillow, there are 10 cities in which two or fewer full-time minimum wage workers can afford a typical two-bedroom rental: Albuquerque, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Fresno, Mesa, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Sacramento, and Tucson.

All of these cities have minimum wages greater than $10 an hour.

The least affordable cities for minimum wage workers are: Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Dallas, Raleigh, Miami, San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Honolulu. All of these cities except Honolulu have minimum wages less than $7.25 an hour.

Still according to Zillow, minimum wage workers can afford their rent more easily with higher wages, even in expensive markets. I guess that last phrase “even in expensive markets” is key because otherwise . . . there’s a tendency for everyone to believe the wages merely keep up?

So unsurprisingly, rent still remains more affordable for those who make more money? (newsflash!) Or find a roommate in albuquerque if you make a bit less than.