how to find a good roommate (w/& w/o honeybear(s))

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Many romantic partners are moving in under the same roof sooner than they’d planned otherwise, due to rising rents in many larger cities.

While already mostly true anyway for a very long while now, the newer micro trend = fewer pandemic restrictions = more folks coming back to cities = rising rents.

So are major rental markets keeping up with demand? Nope. Suddenly up to 15% nope in many.

So along with the general stress of a tight rental market comes the additional stress of moving in with partners/honeybear(s) for the first time?

Hoping everything goes awesome with honeybear(s)?

Not just for the relationship(s), of course, but also so none of y’all have to move again too soon? Especially if there’s likely to be many deposits?

Big stakes. Best of luck to all y’all.

Or if you want options to find a new roommate w/& w/o honeybear(s), doublecheck average roommate rents and consider how to find a good roommate.

(Other than your partners(s). Only if that’s what everyone would like, of course.)