Chicago & inconsiderate roommates?

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Alex Schelldorf shares a sunny Chicago apartment with a man who creates messes but who doesn’t, Schelldorf says, clean them up. His roommate also leaves doors open long enough for Schelldorf’s Shiba Inu to escape and has a habit of making what Schelldorf considers to be insensitive offhand comments to guests.”

“His search for a compatible roommate hasn’t been a complete bust, Schelldorf says, but it has made him reconsider the way the assorted people he’s lived with have affected his life, both emotionally and financially. “

One therapist “believes framing these conflicts as social lessons provides a unique benefit. By learning from the shortcomings of one living situation—like a lack of chore division or poor communication—and not placing blame on the other person, Fee explains, being a roommate can allow for individual growth.”

Interviewing in advance and clear definitions on individual meanings for successful cohabiting. Otherwise, extremely minor disagreements can lead to more major difficulties interpreting your roommates’ intentions. Find a roommate in Chicago while considering those intentions?