Cleveland roommates keeping their clothes on, mostly

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Cleveland locals offer tips for living with an opposite sex roommate. They’re probably mostly the same tips that would work with any roommate, but certain forms of politeness need extra emphasis when you have less in common with your roommate.

In particular, men that would like to roommate harmoniously with female roommates should pay extra attention to: establishing and following common area rules, rules for quiet time and overnight guests, if significant others will be made uncomfortable, and doing enough of your share of the chores.

Extra especially male roommates should operate under the assumption that female roommates that have not requested a view of your junk or a view of the junk of some of your male friends currently visiting . . . she doesn’t want one. “Clothing optional” is no longer a default option.

Clothing now needs to be the default option, according to most female roommates considering a male roommate.

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